NIKOLATESLA - Elicia aspiration extractor and induction hob in one appliance

NikolaTesla is the first induction cooktop with a fully integrated air suction system. The central fan, a cooker hood perfectly integrated into the cooktop itself, guarantees high performance in terms of fume capture, silence and energy efficiency.

Cooktop and cooker hood in the same appliance: Elica's brilliant innovation is created to guarantee high cooking performance thanks to induction technology, and, at the same time, improve air quality and comfort in the kitchen.

Tèchne cooker hoods: technology and performance for your kitchen

Elica's Tèchne hoods are the ultimate expression of technology and innovation at the service of those who love cooking and entertaining at home. The air-suction systems, lighting and interactivity of Elica's new Tèchne hoods respond with intelligence, simplicity and maximum efficiency to the concrete needs of everyday life in the kitchen.


Elica's innovative air balancer


Snap 'Air Quality Balancer' is an innovative product for aspiration of bad air, and is able to monitor and improve the quality of the air in your indoor environments automatically by calibrating the device according to your needs and expectations.

Five functions allow you to set Snap according to your specific needs. From the first time that Snap is activated it receives data from the external environment. It Learns to know your environment through continuous surveys conducted by its sensors (air quality, temperature, humidity).