At NEFF we believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to eat, meet and get creative with your cooking. With an extensive range of innovative appliances, we’re constantly working to meet the demands of every lifestyle.

From our unique Slide&Hide® disappearing oven door to our revolutions in steam cooking, a NEFF kitchen is equipped for even the trickiest dishes.

Find your perfect oven

How do you like to cook your favourite meals? From your own tried and tested creations to experiments with new flavours and textures, our ovens are designed to help enhance the dishes you love to cook. With innovations in steam, settings for prime meat joints and helpful suggestions at every step of the way, we’re confident that our ovens will inspire you to try something new.

Of course, no matter what setting you choose, CircoTherm® will always be on hand to ensure an even temperature is reached and maintained as quickly as possible.

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Innovative cooking hobs


For traditionalists who prefer to see exactly how much heat is delivered to their pans, gas cooking provides a robust and reliable way to prepare your favourite dishes. With flexible options in the NEFF range, our larger gas hobs are designed to accommodate woks and specialist cookware.

If sleek, stylish clean lines are more in keeping with your kitchen design, our ceramic hobs provide a flush cooking surface for minimalist spaces.

Choosing a NEFF hood

NEFF hoods are designed to cater for every Cookaholic’s kitchen. Efficient, quiet and equipped with ambient lighting, the design and placement of your hood can be as flexible as your living space.

For kitchens that make a statement, our chimney hoods perfectly complement an island unit, whilst our sleek and stylish angled glass provide the ideal contemporary solution.

If subtlety is key, our telescopic Slide&Hide® hoods and downdraft hoods seamlessly disappear into your kitchen units for a minimalist finish.


Fridge Freezers from NEFF


Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any NEFF kitchen. As a result, we’ve developed a range of preservation systems to help your food stay at its best for as long as possible.

From our FreshSafe preservation drawers to our NoFrost technology, explore the range and find out how a NEFF fridge freezer can preserve your food for longer and help save you time and energy.

Choosing the right dishwasher

Having sparkling clean dishes and glassware, without the chore of washing by hand, is a luxury most households are embracing these days. And it’s a luxury we can all afford.

Dishwashers have consistently been proven to be more water and energy efficient, saving both the environment and your bank account. Our dishwashers provide expert cleaning, with programmes suited to everything a busy kitchen can produce, from casserole dishes and greasy pans to delicate glasses and even a 14-place dinner set!


NEFF washing machines and dryers


From sports kits to work shirts to baby clothes, whatever your laundry basket contains you need an appliance you can rely on to both clean and care for your clothes.

Most of our washing machines come with our circocare drum, a system of paddles and jets which provide a safe, effective wash for perfect results and peace of mind every time.